Marketing Support


The objective of advertising is to increase your profit by increasing your sales.
Advertising aims to:

 Offer specific services
Offer specific products

Create goodwill and build a favorable image

 Educate and inform the public

 Make your business and product name familiar to the public

 Attract customers to find out more about your service

Sales Promotions

Sales promotion activities can be targeted toward final buyers (consumer promotions), business customers (business promotions), retailers and wholesalers (trade promotions) and members of the sales force (sales force promotions). Here are some typical sales promotion activities:

Business promotions:


 Event sponsorship.


Seminars and workshops.

 Trade show displays.

 Conference presentations.

 Telemarketing and direct mail campaigns.

Trade Promotions:

 Corporate entertainment

 Reseller staff incentives.
 Reward incentives linked to purchases or sales.

Sale Force Promotions:


 Sales competitions with prizes or awards

Public Relations

Public Relations By building good relationships with your stakeholders, particularly customers, you can generate positive word of mouth and referrals from satisfied customers. Implementing effective public relations activities requires careful planning. The three major steps are outlined below:

 Setting the objectives.
 Deciding on the message.

Deciding on the vehicle.
Evaluating the results.