Talent Acquisition

talentIn the current era of extreme competition in the market place, companies need to stay ‘lean and mean’, focusing on the core area of their business while outsourcing the critical but resource consuming back office functions.
L’arete Consultants helps the organization to gain cost reduction, time efficiency & provide them with a cutting edge over your HR strategies and improved services to their employees with the help of expert team of consultants. We helps in boosting organization performance with many strategic benefits. We controls portfolio like Recruitment, Business Plan, Payroll Administration, Employee Benefits, HRM and list goes on.

Talent Accquisition, Management & Development

L’arete Consultants not only hire the right no of people of right type, but also select people with skills and also the employees who can jell with the organizational culture. As talent acquisition is not only just hiring people who have skills required to perform the job, its hiring the employees whose style, belief and values are consistent with the organization.
L’arete Consultants develops blended talent acquisition strategies to attract and hire top candidates. Attracting and selecting the right candidates for your organization requires a top recruiting strategy and technological finesse. L’arete Consultants fulfill your recruiting needs, build your candidate pipeline, and select the applicants who will be a match for your organizational culture. We develop a proactive talent acquisition strategy so your company can hire top quality candidates.

Key Facts

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 Execution Strategy


 Internal job evaluation

External market pricing

Candidate selection assessment

 Orientation program

Job analysis & Job Description

 Strategic recruitment support

Your perfect candidate could be located in any number of talents. L’arete Consultants recruiting strategy has to have a sourcing plan to gather candidates with the skills and experience you need, as well as engage them through the entire selection process. Find the right individuals who will transform the company, and build comprehensive talent recruitment plans that unify business goals and talent aspirations.