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Due to a large knowledge pool and a significant cost arbitrage, few countries like India, Philippines and China are front runners in providing outsourced services. After achieving great success in BPO. India is now looking for a big leap in other sectors also India automatically becomes a natural choice if we analyse the comparative costs of various aspects of different sectors for different countries.
Basis of the Comparison of following factors in countries: India, Philippines, Russia, China, Canada, Ireland and Mexico India has an upper hand in all the factors mentioned below:

  Government Polices

Knowledge full

 Labor Pool

India becomes automatically a preferred choice of the other countries. India has a growing population of educated people capable of handling high-end knowledge-based work and research. With a huge talent pool, India could emerge as a global hub as the sector requires specialized knowledge in respective verticals. With the mushrooming of engineering and technical institutes in India, there will no shortage of skilled manpower in India .
L’arete Consultants offer an unrivalled scope of services to clients across all market sectors; bring a unique blend of professional and technical skills for our clients. L’arete Consultants are in business to develop successful people, deliver successful projects and sustain successful performance, would take a holistic view analyzing clients’ needs and applying viable strategies that would invariably turn those needs into winning initiative. L’arete Consultants covers front, middleand back-office activity and helps clients implement, maintain, upgrade.

Service Value Chain

Administrative Support


Administration Support.
Tour & Hotel Booking.

 Front & Back Office Support.
Payment Collection.




 Warehousing Inventory.

  IT Back Up.
Latest Communication Tech.

  Conference Room.
  Offices in Delhi, Mumbai & Banglore.