Almost everyone in business these days is working in some type of multi-cultural environment – at the office or with customers & colleagues around the world.

The cost to a company when communications breakdown is difficult to calculate, but one thing is clear – the cost of preparative training is minor by comparison. Our approach to learning and development is both practical and dynamic.

L’arete Consultants aim to deliver immediate business-focused benefits to our clients which will improve organizational efficiencies and inter-personal relationships. To this end we have developed a number of areas of specific expertise which we feel address the current needs of those companies who work in an international environment. We want to understand your business, its international dimension, the challenges you face and then develop training solutions which can add real commercial benefit.


L'arete help our clients:

Gain an understanding of cross-cultural differences
Understand global business etiquette & protocol
Understanding of how people in different cultures

Improve inter-company communications between employees & global colleagues
Build effective and productive global virtual teams and in-house multicultural teams
Understanding of how cultural differences impact communications & management